Monday, August 1, 2011

9 Stupid Comments about Part I of the New Thundercats!

And on July 29th a new generation of furries were born...

The freshly rebooted Thundercats premiered on Cartoon Network this past Friday with a special hour-long event. All in all, it is probably one of the best reboots I've ever seen, the second being the last ill-fated reboot of He-Man. Thundercats definetely stomps that crappy new Voltron toon into the dirt.

The voice acting is good but I wish someone else had been casted as Lion-O because all I hear is Terry McGinnis. The scenary is lovely. Most of the character designs are awesome but Panthro's ugly. He wasn't no supermodel before but, damn, he wasn't freakin' hideous. Lion-O flat-face is kinda creepy. Look at him from the side and he barely has a nose. But this is nitpickery for sure. Now on to the list:

1. I knew this was going to be a good show when Lion-O punched a woman in the face. Okay, so he didn't quite punch her. Whatever, let's watch it on a loop anyway.

Go, Rock, go!
♫ Gonna fly now... ♫

2. Snarf tripping one of the baddies like an old lady was classic. Because this is how old ladies with cats and without Life Alerts die. They trip over cats. Then the cats eat the corpse. This is my future. And Snarf looks the type.

Whatever shuts him up. If you saw old Thundercats, you know what I'm talkin' about.

3. So Lion-O is a precocious, disobediant, red-headed, bubble-brain, stubborn royal with a cute, pet sidekick fascinated with pieces of crap that promise a world beyond the kingdom he knows? Hmmm...

At least someone's not interested in her voice.

And the Little Mer-lion also runs late to important shit.

I bet they all wish they didn't need four for bridge.

If those bombs he bought from that dog-dude had prongs, Lion-O'd probably be combing his hair with it at the dinner table. And he should. His hair's a mess.

King Claudus originally wanted to name him Goku.

4. At first I thought Tygra knew that was Cheetara he was winking at but in the second part he's all surprised to find out it was her. So he was just flirtin' with some random cleric. That's balls. No, really. That cleric could've been a pretty guy with really smexy eyes. Or had a Mileena-mouth. Or have been an older woman. Do tigers like cougars?

Tygra don't care. Cause that how Tygra rolls. Giggety.

5. When General Grune returned, I realized while he and the king cement their bromance that Claudus has odd yellow things above his eyes and I don't know what the fuck they are.

"Dammit, they're WHISKERS. Gross, fat, yellow whiskers."

6. Grune has one huge ol' fang. HAH. While I'm sure this implies that he once had two fangs and is a bad-ass who lost one due to the ravages of war, I like to think that dentists in Thundera are just really, really shitty.

He also opens beer with it.

7. Awwww, isn't thievery adorable!?

"Robble, robble!"

8. Apparently, cats are the man, dawg. As in THE MAN. So to speak. Because they is oppressing other species.

"This purple shit ain't fruit."

9. The conversation on Lion-O's end of the table must SUCK.

This also makes the footsy a bit awkward.


  1. #9:

    Oh, Panthro, you're so funny. You're such a good warrior.

    *Claudus facepalms*

  2. UPDATE: I quit the series after six episodes. Yawn. Too bad.

  3. Yeah it is boring. The show looks amazing. Really amazing. But there are some things that irk me.

    1.) The pacing of the show. It's supposed to an adventure. And I suppose the quest that they undertake is supposed to slowly push Lion-O over time to becoming a true king. But give me a fucking break. The show doesn't give you any sign of this happening progressively. I'll get back specifically on Lion-O. However, the battles are dull, The cats really aren't powerful and as fantastical as they used to be. And yes I suppose that invokes the odds against them but jeez. The series puts you to sleep with a combination of bad acting, bad episodic transition.

    2.) The Sword of Omens is not so much as a sword but a giant useless Claymore. It got about 5 mins of combat between him and his brother towards the end of the first season. But 98% of tim it's not being swung to strike down an enemy or to block an income physical attack but to shoot energy lasers that are more powerful than that world's war tech. Sword of Omens > Hover tank manned by 4+ Lizards (WTF?).

    I get that the first series kind of had problems with this but never did the Sword do anything like that. If it shot anything it was aura of awesome that repelled evil. But the show was old and forgivable. Since it's taken on this kind of tone you would think more people would struck by a blade. CN or not. Even when throwing fists it looks like air. No jabs. Just hooks that look as if they're not connected.

    3.) The absolute one thing I cannot tolerate. Lion-O. Okay creators I get it. You need to create a hero who doesn't just become immediately powerful. So much as if it's more lessons learned than things that just fall into place because he IS the king. But Lion-O is a super asshole. Even after a season in half he's still the same stupid kid who went on a wild goose chase for Mummrah in episode 3. After the first season he found out that Cheetara was in love with his brother and after that he just turned into an even huger jerk ass.

    As each episodes tries to give him so message to contridict said jerkass-ness but he NEVER takes it with him. He's been shown/told what it take to be a leader multiple times but he goes. "I now know" and next episode its like it never happened.

    And in terms of combat skills he's no more effective than a buff Kit or Kat with a big sword. Oh he knows how to some what manipulate tech. Apparently that hasn't helped much. If it was truely a gift of his I would have liked the series to run with that.

    Lastly the show seems to still choose destiny over moral gain. Even though Lion-O DOESN'T learn his lesson he is spoonfed what it takes to do so and the other cats seem to maid and baby him no matter how much of a jerkass woobie he is. I know he is the rightful king but with 5 others people in your group including your Ace Brother, A cleric, and a long time warrior and friend of your late father, I would probably be more humble than treating them like crap.

    All in all. Good idea to try to bring the spirit of the show back they're doing it so so wrong.